Welcome to the first blog post of WE the Change.  I plan to post one to two times per month as I discover and nurture our community.  So far, I have been gratified by the notes I have received from individuals who are in the process of launching their own Big Ideas and using the tools in Part Two to support their endeavors.  My FIRST STEP is Launching WE the Change Wednesdays today, April 28th!

I am excited to share that the 4th Wednesday of every month will be WE the Change Wednesday. If you missed the earlier opportunity to buy the Kindle version for 99¢, know that the 4th Wednesday of every month the Kindle version will be offered at this special rate to ensure all can afford to purchase it. More importantly, ALL PROFITS during the week will go directly to organizations that exemplify the WE the Change message. (Remember, the Kindle version is readable on any computer, tablet and smartphone with the free Kindle app.)

During the same week, I will spotlight one organization turning its VISION into ACTION by working collaboratively to launch Big Ideas and create New Realities.

This month’s spotlight is the NATIONAL CHARITY LEAGUE (NCL).  NCL is a philanthropic organization of mothers and daughters who volunteer nearly 3 Million hours annually to over 6,000 charities in the US. Since 1925, it has grown to 31 states and more than 200,000 members.  It exemplifies how unwavering commitment to vision makes an impact. 

I love it for 3 reasons:

  • Young women become leaders:  By focusing on 3 pillars of Philanthropy, Leadership and Culture, girls develop valuable leadership skills through their 6 years of membership, 7th-12th grades.
  • Teamwork is key: Mothers and daughters work together to support and uplift communities.
  • Financial impact is notable:  Volunteer hours translates into $68M annually.

Prior to my sister introducing me to NCL, I knew nothing about it.  I knew the Girl Scouts taught leadership skills, but I had never heard of another organization that emphasized the value of mothers and daughters building these skills together.  This happens at a critical time in our young girls’ development as they become more independent.  In the spirit of “It takes a village,” knowing that my daughters have other women to look to as role models on days when they might not favor MY ideas also brings me comfort.  I’m also grateful that I can provide the same for their daughters.  And lest it seem like it is a one-way learning process, I’ll point out that I am humbled by what I continually learn from the young ladies of NCL.

To learn more about NCL, go to Home – National Charity League, Inc..  Remember, all sales of WE the Change: Launching Big Ideas and Creating New Realities today, support NCL to WE the Change.