Acclaim for WE the Change

“Brilliant! Genius! Necessary! Shannon has the uncanny ability to take an amorphous subject like Change Management and give it form and structure. I could have really used Shannon’s guidance when, in my thirties, a divorce necessitated that I get off my butt, visualize the life I wanted, and create that life. This is a must-read for anyone feeling stuck and not knowing what the first step in changing their situation should be. Kudos to Shannon for creating a playbook for pilgrims walking their own Camino de Santiago.”

Connie Pate, EdDStrawn Arnold & Associates, North America

“WE the Change is an invitation to all of us women who hesitate about our own ability and potential. The book gently nudges us to step out of our comfort zone and take the plunge. This book is a gift for all women who are exploring their own leadership and want to express it in their own authentic way. It is one of those rare books that I would keep on my bedside and open on a difficult day, knowing that it will provide me the guidance I need at that moment.”

Eeran ChawlaGoogle, OD practitioner, APAC, India, Asia

“In WE the Change, Shannon Wallis packs a lifetime of experience coaching business leaders around the world, into an inspiring, authentic, and practical approach anyone can apply to their lives and careers. If you are not sure how to create what you want . . . or if you are not sure what it is you precisely want . . . this book will set you on the path and arm you with the conviction and passion to see it through.”

Kaihan KrippendorffFounder of Outthinker and author of Driving Innovation from Within, North America

“Through her captivating book, Shannon is right by your side, connecting with your struggles as she details her grueling 500-mile Camino trek as a metaphor for change. Drawing on her deep expertise as a corporate transformation coach, she offers the tools you need to get unstuck and succeed.”

Sanyin SiangThinkers50 #1 leadership coach and author of The Launch Book, North America

“I can’t help but wonder how much braver I would have been in life if I had read Shannon's book as a young woman in my twenties. Her personal story is captivating and compelling. I was SO inspired by her courage—all the practical tips were an added bonus! WE the Change is a how-to manual for living your best life!”

Kimberly FaithAward-winning author of Your Lion Inside, systems thinking expert, and futurist, North America

“Shannon shares deeply personal and challenging times of her life where she overcame adversity and she gives her readers highly practical and relevant advice along with exercises to help find their calling in life. I could not put Shannon’s captivating book down and highly recommend it for anyone that wants to be inspired, learn and become their best selves. WE the Change is an inspiring and powerful must-read.”

Sabina NawazGlobal CEO coach, writer for Harvard Business Review and Forbes, and ex-Microsoft executive, Canada, North America

“Shannon convinces us ‘I can, you can, together we can.’ This is a book for me, my daughter, my clients, and all the Chinese females who are on the camino to discover and realize their full potential. Our challenges and obstacles are as real as the scorching sun, the rainy days, and the hard road. We share the same fatigue, anxiety, and fear. WE the Change provides a clear and inspiring vision of what we truly want for our lives and helps us to take the first step with faith. Trust me, reading this book will guide you there.”

Karen ZongManaging director at Integrated Development Group, Hong Kong, SAR China, Asia

“I was immediately connected to Shannon’s story after reading the first pages of WE the Change. Her book is an invitation for self-discovery and growing consciousness. Shannon’s heartfelt narrative is an act of courage and compassion. It helps unfold our inner capabilities to drive deep change.”

Izabel CortezHuman Resources, GE Renewable Energy, Brazil, South America

“Shannon Wallis’ years of experience as an organizational change consultant, leadership coach, and spiritual guide have coalesced in WE the Change to create a model for personal and professional transformation. Her authenticity, vulnerability, and humility deliver a message of hope while her simple framework makes big change believable and doable. I will be recommending this book to all women and men I coach seeking to be and WE their full potential”

Sarita SoldzExecutive coach, Career Services, University of Virginia Darden School of Business, North America

“Inspiring writing and good learning! As an Empowerment Trainer, this book captures most practically and accurately the journey of self-empowerment—realizing the need for growth and taking personal responsibility to make that change, walking into your fear, recognizing
opportunities from every experience, and identifying support systems. WE the Change is a tool for instruction and practice. I will recommend this book to all participants in my workshops. Indeed, WE the Change is for everyone.”

Brigitte DzogbenukuExecutive director, Mentoring Women Ghana, Africa

“I was truly captivated, touched and inspired by WE the Change. Shannon Wallis tells a wonderful story about her trek across Spain, along the Camino, which provides an inspiring backdrop for lessons on challenging the status quo and achieving new heights personally or professionally. Shannon literally and figuratively walks you through each step—from uncovering your personal catalyst for change; to asking for and accepting help from those you meet along the way; to reaching your final destination—she’s got it all covered. A must-read for all of us with an adventurous soul and big dreams.”

Cindy HealyDirector of Employee Onboarding – WW Learning, Microsoft, North America

“WE the Change provides readers with a valuable starting point for rethinking our goals and encourages us to look beyond our individual reality. Ready to fill your backpack with interesting and useful reflections for life? I certainly recommend that you let Shannon accompany you on this exciting journey. ¡Buen Camino!”

Lydia González SerranoDirectora de prospectiva académica, vicerrectorado de ordenación académica, Departamento de Economía de la Empresa, Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Spain, Europe

“As someone in my early thirties, I found WE the Change to be insightful on continuing to chart my own path and not let society chart it for me. It reminded me to see the beauty in the journey itself, not just the final destination. And to always share my goals with my support team and never forget to show them gratitude.”

Cherie L. R. Michaud (a thirty-something still trying to find her own adventures)Assistant director, Duke Alumni Affairs, Regional Engagement, North America

“Timeless, profound, personal, and moving. A superb weave of trials and tribulations, philosophy and practice. WE the Change propels us into our greatness, revealing the essential steps to make our change, impactful, enduring, and epic.”

Ben FarandaLeadership coach and consultant, Queensland, Australia

“Shannon Wallis has provided an important guide for those of us who want to make the world a better place. Starting with her belief in the power of women to make change, and sharing the wisdom of her personal journey, she places a roadmap in our hands. This is a must-read for those who believe in the power of one person to change the world.”

Constance F. Kane, PhDExecutive director, Empowered to Educate, North America

“WE the Change is a wonderful offering of practical steps to take toward vision and change, with an understanding that God is always with us to be our guide. It is a message of hope, healing, and
inspiration for us all.”

Karen JohnsonSenior associate at and founder of the Take Root podcast, North America

“WE the Change is truly an inspirational book. This is a great read.”

Stephen E. SassPartner, engagement manager, founder, CoachSource, LLC, North America

“WE the Change encouraged me to look for ways to change my life for the better. I felt hopeful and empowered after reading it. The strategies Shannon offers can help us all become our best selves.”

Dr. Beth CabreraAuthor of Beyond Happy: Women, Work, and Well-Being, North America

“I could not put Shannon’s captivating book down and highly recommend it for anyone that wants to be inspired, learn, and become their best selves. WE the Change is an inspiring and powerful must-read.”

Ana WhiteEVP and Chief People Officer at F5 Networks, North America

“WE the Change combines the simple steps of creating vision with the challenges of daily living that keep many of us from moving our dreams forward. After more than thirty years in leadership, I find WE the Change a refreshing reminder to never give up on a vision and assess and embrace dissatisfaction to keep us moving forward.”

Jenny Lockwald-StewartExecutive director, Trinity Education Foundation, North America

“WE the Change is part memoir, part call to action. An inspiring book filled with insights and actions to accomplish transformative change in our lives.”

Karen WilsonPartner, Guidehouse, North America

“Shannon Wallis’s recipe for transformational change works! I was fortunate enough to have her as a coach. With openness and humility, she grounds each chapter of WE the Change by weaving the powerful story of her pilgrimage to El Camino de Santiago with real-life lessons for creating your own successful hero’s journey. I highly recommend this book for helping you break through and create your personal future.”

Kathryn McKinleyPrincipal research scientist, Google, North America

“WE the Change is a heartwarming and inspirational story of a remarkable woman’s journey through life and along the Camino. Shannon’s exceptional coaching SKILLS and instincts emerge throughout the book, offering POWERFUL tools and STRATEGIES that will resonate with WOMEN of all ages.”

Lindsey Keiter MangoneVIP and VOC Product for Mobile Games, Amazon, North America

“Shannon Wallis’s book is jammed with inspiration and packed with creative ideas. As the founder of a non-profit organization which serves the special needs population, my mind was opened by Shannon’s work to new and exciting solutions. I truly wish I had had it as a resource during my twenty-three years serving in the US Navy. I will be counting on and referring to this gift for years to come.”

Mary BorojevichFounder, SNAP (Special Needs Advocacy Partners), North America

“Shannon Wallis takes us through a marvelous journey of self-reflection and provides a practical guide for those of us who have passion for leadership.”

Gianna SotoSenior manager, EEWOC, Amazon Web Services, North America

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